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Q1 2024 GIPEDO Campaign Wrap-up

In Q1 2024, our platform has powered high-performing perimeter ad campaigns in German football. In this post we highlight the campaign performance, delivered via GIPEDO CampaignManager.

Perimeter Advertising Performance Bundesliga 2. Bundesliga Frauen-Bundesliga

Perimeter advertising highlights in Q1 2024

Perimeter ads in pro sports remain the most cost-efficient ad format to reach the young, male and high income target group. Brands that are natively integrated into the game via perimeter advertising reach millions of fans in a short timeframe. In German football, we delivered multiple campaigns between January to March 2024. Those campaigns achieved an average of nearly 61 million impressions per campaign. Out of that, more than 40 million impressions originate from live tv – over 20 million impressions can be attributed to tv highlights, online media (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok) and the stadium audience. Overall, the campaigns reached and audience of 10,2 million on average. With a CPM of 1.25€ the campaigns achieved a highly attractive ROI for the advertisers.

Outlook on Q2 2024

With the season final ahead, the German football will attract a lot of attention. Just for the final games, more than 100 million impressions delivered in two weeks are bookable via GIPEDO CampaignManager. For more information, visit our brands page and request a demo:


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