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GIPEDO 2023 Campaign Wrap-up

Gipedo Perimeter Advertising Highlights 2023

Campaign Hightlights 2023: Perimeter Advertising

We've analyzed all campaigns booked on perimeter boards through our GIPEDO CampaignManager in 2023, and the results are in.

Here's a quick rundown:
- Avg. CPM: 1.27 €
- Avg. booked Matches per Campaign: 3.5
- Avg. Volume: 35.041 € (unweighted)
- Avg. Impressions per Campaign: 48 Million
- Avg. Audience per Campaign: 13 Million

Cost efficiency and Virality of Perimeter Advertising

These numbers illustrate the impact and reach of in-content ads in pro sports. Perimeter board advertising in pro sports remains the most cost-effective ad format to reach the male target group on TV. 74% of the audience comes from highlights on TV and increasingly on social media. Instagram, TikTok and YouTube regularly generate an additive reach in the millions.

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