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European League of Football (ELF) uses new SaaS solutions from GIPEDO

Football Player

The European League of Football is expanding it’s cooperation with GIPEDO with the start of the new football season. For ELF, the SaaS solutions from GIPEDO offer tangible benefits. The entire media inventory of all free TV games will be managed and controlled with minimal effort through GIPEDO Workspace. The high degree of automation provided by GIPEDO Workspace reduces the coordination effort between the league, teams, and advertisers. The data-driven software solution makes marketing tasks easier for the organizers. Decisions are made quickly and based on data. The workspace is hardware and software agnostic and compatible with all playout systems.

GIPEDO Workspace offers the ELF a wide range of features

To meet the increasingly complex, diverse, and international tasks in advertising marketing with reasonable effort, automated and digital solutions for professional sports are needed. The GIPEDO Workspace offers practical features, preparing the ELF and it’s teams for the present and future advertising market.

Inventory and Yield Management

This is the basis for data-based marketing decisions. ELF officials have a clear view of their marketing successes and can immediately identify additional potentials. Decisions are made based on relevant data. Spoiler alert: The value of the inventory is greater than many assume - much greater.

Creative Management

Collecting and organizing creatives for match day was previously a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Everything took so long that effort and return often were disproportionate. The GIPEDO Workspace has digitized and automated every single step of the process. After the upload of the creatives via the platform, a technical check is automatically executed. Thereafter content approval for the advertiser can be completed at the push of a button.

AI generated Playlists

Creating playlists was another analog and time-consuming process before GIPEDO. Playlists existed as Excel spreadsheets with hundreds of rows. They were maintained by hand, which could take several days per game to prepare. The GIPEDO Playlist Builder has fully automated the analog copy-and-paste in Excel spreadsheets. Playlists are created AI-based within seconds! Relevant advertising parameters such as length, frequency, or sequence of colors are set once. The Playlist Builder then creates the program for the respective playout system at the click of a mouse, compatible with all perimeter advertising service providers or virtual advertising service providers. This feature is a GIPEDO innovation and new to the sports advertising market in this form.

ELF offers campaign slots on the GIPEDO marketplace

Through the GIPEDO Campaign Manager, advertisers can book in-content ads on TV perimeter boards and virtual advertising spaces in sports as easily as in online media. This enables the ELF to generate advertising revenues from media budgets of brands, that previously had no direct access to advertising in professional sports (outside of sponsorships).

About ELF

The European League of Football was founded in 2020 by Patrick Esume, Commissioner, and Zeljko Karajica, CEO, and started in June 2021. As the professionalized football league of Europe, the European League of Football has set itself the goal of broadly supporting the sport through media. In its first year, the league set new standards and immediately established itself as the "Champions League" of European football.

The fourth season of the European League of Football begins in May 2024. It will include 17 teams from nine nations, including Berlin Thunder, Rhein Fire, Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils, Cologne Centurions, Stuttgart Surge, Munich Ravens (all Germany), Paris Musketeers (France), Milano Seamen (Italy), Raiders Tirol, Vienna Vikings (both Austria), Panthers Wrocław (Poland), Madrid Bravos, Barcelona Dragons (both Spain), Prague Lions (Czech Republic), Helvetic Guards (Switzerland), and the Fehérvár Enthroners (Hungary). The Championship Game will be held on 22 September at the VELTINS-Arena of FC Schalke 04 in Gelsenkirchen.


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