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  • What are the advantages of sports as a medium?
    Sport is a medium that consists of many characteristics and very specific features. The arising content is consumed everywhere and at any time. It triggers a feeling of connection and identification in consumers, communicates across cultural and language barriers, and creates heroes and drama. This enthusiasm inevitably leads to a high media reach and presence for the placed advertisement, especially in professional football. Through connecting consumers with strong emotional involvement you can accelerate awareness for your brand.
  • What exactly constitutes the large advertising potential of sport?
    Sport can create impressions of your advertisement in many different ways. It is followed millions of times live via TV and live streams, after which viewers can consume highlights and analysis exclusively on TV or live streams. Even in the following days, the content remains relevant through on-demand offerings and is picked up in numerous social media posts. All of these media channels open up the extraordinarily large advertising potential of sport for your advertisement, and therefore your native integration into the moving image.
  • How are we revolutionizing advertising in sports?
    Previously the path to the wide-ranging and emotional world of football was only possible in a complex way tied to long term contracts. We have no minimum terms or minimum budget, as is usual with more classical sponsorship packages that clubs offer. GIPEDO opens up new and targeted opportunities for campaigns with high media reach in professional sports. This works with the help of data-driven assistants and digital booking processes. With just a few clicks, customers select and book a campaign package that suits their budget and target group.
  • What is perimeter advertising?
    The LED perimeter panel is the most prominent TV-advertising medium at a football game. Your creative will be shown exclusively on state-of-the-art LED systems around the playing field in slots of 20 to 30 seconds over a length of up to 200 meters. Second rows of LED perimeter panels are also common in many Bundesliga stadiums.
  • How does perimeter advertising work?
    LED perimeter advertising is the most eye-catching form of TV advertising during a football game. The advertising message is natively integrated in the video content and your brand and product campaigns can be experienced vividly through animations in addition to the pure logo.
  • Communication goals in perimeter advertising?
    Due to the high popularity and wide media coverage of sports, perimeter advertising is suitable for building up the net and gross reach of a brand and product campaign. With regard to the special features of the advertising format, concise advertising messages in combination with a brand- or product-related animation are most effective.
  • Where is my advertisement visible?
    It is visible everywhere – at least media wise. Sport runs on TV, streams, highlight clips and live in the stadium. With the exception of 2 matchdays (three game week), the games of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga taking place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Bundesliga is widely reported in all media. Perimeter advertising achieves a high media reach, especially through large-scale TV coverage. Sky broadcasts the majority of the games live. Games running at the same time are broadcasted by Sky in the popular live “Bundesligakonferenz”.All Friday games of the 1st Bundesliga will only be broadcast live on DAZN. The top game of the 2nd Bundesliga on Saturday evening is broadcast live on SPORT1 on Free TV. The highlights of all games are broadcast in high-reach summaries on ARD, ZDF, and other TV channels. Additionally the highlights at game level from ARD and ZDF are summarized on YouTube. All fans can also see your advertising message in the stadium.
  • What does the football target group look like?
    According to the “Allensbacher Markt- und Werbeträgeranalyse” (AWA), there were around 47,78 million football fans in Germany. 60% of the fans are male. In terms of both income and age, the football target group represents the cross-section of the German population. In this context, football fans are people who are interested in at least one club in the German Bundesliga.
  • How can I measure the success of perimeter advertising?
    Perimeter advertising is measured in terms of visibility and net/gross reach via TV ratings for live broadcasts and highlight formats, views from social media, and stadium visitors.
  • How is the impression estimates collected?
    Our impression estimates are based on historical reach, match pairing, match schedule, and creative viewability. For a live game, this means in concrete terms: rating forecast x 60% visibility of the advertising material x number of booked 20 s slots = live impressions. Example of a 5 minute booking (15 x 20 s slots) / 0,5M rating x 60 % x 15 = 4.5M live impressions
  • When can I book a match?
    The match deals can be booked up to 7 days before the match kicks off.
  • Is the booking binding?
    Yes, with your confirmation "Buy Now" the booking is binding. The club will check your campaign request within 72 hours and confirm the matches you have requested.
  • When do I have to deliver the creative?
    Your perimeter board animations (in .mov files) must be uploaded to the GIPEDO Creative Manager up to 5 days before the match day at the latest. If you have any questions about creating your creative we are happy to support you in creating it. Just get in touch with us.
  • Do I get a report?
    Yes. 10 days after the campaign you will receive a report with the audience rating per broadcast (live and highlights), brand hits, visibility in minutes, and gross contacts.
  • What does a sample package look like?
    Packages by time horizon: Short-term or medium-term campaign (e.g. booking many matches on just one or two weekends) Packages by localization: regional, national… (e.g. booking matches just in North Rhine-Westphalia) Packages for specific event periods in your company, nationally, or worldwide. (e.g. booking a lot of matches directly before and after a new product release, Christmas, Black Friday, etc...)
  • What should your creative definitely contain?
    A combination of logo/brand and message, whereby the sender (usually the brand) should be visible at all times. Fixed areas for logo/brand make a positive contribution here.
  • What is the maximum width of the advertising message?
    The advertising message including the sender should ideally not be longer than 25 meter.
  • How long (time) should the advertising message be at most?
    Your whole slot usually has a duration of 20 - 30 seconds. At best, your advertising message should be repeated several times during this period of time. To ensure this, your advertising message including the sender should ideally not be longer than 6 seconds.
  • How do I ensure the best possible readability?
    Use a clear font with large, bold letters that are not too close together, and single-space your messages to use the maximum height (font ideally no smaller than 80% of the perimeter board height). Less is more is the motto for your creative to increase awareness. In addition, a strong contrast between the font and the logo against the background increases readability and thus the impact significantly. In combination with a bright font on a dark background, your creative is ideally equipped for all lighting conditions.
  • When do I have to deliver the creative?
    Your perimeter board animations (in .mov files) must be uploaded to the GIPEDO Creative Manager up to 5 days before the match day at the latest. If you have any questions about creating your creative we are happy to support you in creating it. Just get in touch with us.
  • Are there any legal restrictions imposed by the DFL?
    Yes. For animations, the DFL guidelines §3.2 must be observed. We have provided you with a concise summary of these guidelines below: The advertisement may only contain linear, uniform movements with constant or linearly increasing or decreasing speed. In doing so, it is important to ensure a calm dynamic, especially in the case of an animated band display. This means that a maximum of two changes of direction are permitted within 15 seconds, the horizontal movement speed must not exceed 1.5 meters per second and the vertical movement speed must not exceed 1.0 meters per second. The use of fade in, fade out or other special effects must not lead to abrupt transitions (“harmonic transitions”). In particular, any jumps in color from light to dark and vice versa should be avoided. So-called “(color) flashes” or any other “flashing” that leads to a sudden change in brightness and/or color are therefore not permitted. All content, statements or comments with a political or religious background as well as defamatory, racist, pornographic, violent and/or sexist content and/or statements as well as reference to alcohol with more than 15% by volume and tobacco are prohibited.
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